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The RDCK is committed to helping residents save energy. The Regional Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) is a way for you to learn how much energy your home uses and how to reduce costs. You can receive a discount on an energy evaluation and access rebates, financing options, a contractor guide and energy coaching.

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Reduce energy use by installing these energy efficient products:
☑️ 2 Energy Efficient LED Bulbs ☑️ Fridge Thermometer ☑️ Retractable Clothesline
Prevent heat loss to save energy by installing:
☑️ Weatherstripping ☑️ Gaskets ☑️ 4 Window Kits

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Which Thermostat is right for me?

As the name suggests, programmable thermostats allow you to program your home’s cooling and heating system. Smart thermostats are also programmable, and they are designed to learn your behavior over time, automatically adjusting the temperature in your home to accommodate your habits.

The Ecobee is our recommended model. It works with most modern heating systems and has some smart features that allow it to self adjust. This model is the easiest to install and program.

The Nest E is great in some homes and can provide better integration with your smart home. It has one of the most well-reviewed applications and is feature rich, but users should check to ensure it is compatible with their heating system.

The Mysa is designed to work with 120V heating systems – making this the main choice if you have baseboard or in-floor heating.

The Honeywell T6 does offer bluetooth, but it is not self adjusting.

If you still aren’t sure, click the button below to find all of the compatibility tools and instructions to make sure you pick the right model.