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Learn how to lower your heating costs, electricity bills, and make your home even more comfortable with REEP


The Regional District Central Kootenay (RDCK) is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving energy. The Regional Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) has three options for saving energy and money in your home. By participating, you will access help through the process such as next steps, energy advisors, contractors, rebates, and low interest financing.

Which Program is best for you?

Home Renovation

If you own your home and are looking to renovate this program gives you access to an EnerGuide home energy evaluation which includes:

  • Pre Renovation Evaluation
    • Blower door test
    • Advice on your green renovation options
    • Advice on rebates, incentives, and financing
  • Post Renovation Evaluation
    • Blower door test
    • Support on how to get the most out of your newly renovated home

Energy Conservation Assistance Program

If you rent or own your home and qualify based on your household income, this program offers:

  • Free Energy Evaluation
  • Free installation of energy efficient products
And some may qualify for:

  • Free energy efficient refrigerator
  • Natural Gas Furnace
  • Insulation

New Homes

If you are looking to build a new home, either yourself, or with a contractor, this program will provide:

  • Information on energy efficient, high performing homes
  • Information on the BC Step Code
  • Information on incentives available

Not sure about registering? You can contact the program manager to determine which program is best for you.

Are you a business? Learn more about rebates here.

The City of Nelson launched EcoSave in 2012, and in 2019 the program expanded into the RDCK region to offer all residents a simple way to save energy. To date over 1,000 people have registered and saved.

What Participants Say About the EcoSave Program

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